Brandon Davis Goes Into Rehab

6/16/2006 12:50 PM PDT

Brandon Davis Goes Into Rehab

Brandon Davis, the infamous oil heir, checked himself into a rehabilitation clinic yesterday evening, a source close to Brandon confirms to TMZ this afternoon.

Late last night, it was reported by In Touch Weekly that Davis had entered the Passages facility in Malibu, a $75,000-per-month center frequently sought out by the rich and famous. "Yes, I am checking into rehab today," said Davis, according to In Touch. "I am on my way right now."

Executive Editor Dan Wakeford issued the following statement to TMZ: "A reporter spoke to Brandon Davis at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, where he stayed for a few days before checking himself into rehab."

In this morning's Page Six column, the New York Post said that the petrochemical prince was "balking" at going into treatment because he didn't believe he had a drug or alcohol problem. The Post also suggested that the Davis family wanted him to enter a treatment program for "public relations" reasons. Brandon's mother Barbara Davis has reportedly suffered considerable damage to her personal charity because of her son's antics.

Brandon has been vilified and ridiculed in the press for his infamous "Firecrotch" diatribe that first appeared exclusively on TMZ, in which he makes degrading and graphic remarks about his onetime friend Lohan during a stroll around the streets of Los Angeles. Since then, Davis has himself brazenly exploited the incident, wearing a T-shirt around the city that actually reads "Team Firecrotch."

A little time away from the nightlife comes at a particularly propitious moment, as Davis was recently turned away from a high-profile LA hotspot, according to the New York Observer's Spencer Morgan. Last weekend, he was forbidden from entering celeb-boite Hyde by a bouncer while trying to get in with his brother and Sonia Kinski, daughter of Nastassja, whereas Justin Timberlake and Michelle Trachtenberg sailed through.

According to the Observer, the club gave no specific reason for Davis' being turned away, except that the club "only has a capacity of 100 people."