Girl Goes Wild on Joe Francis

7/10/2006 1:44 PM PDT

Girl Goes Wild on Joe Francis

Joe Francis, mastermind behind the "Girls Gone Wild" videos, was allegedly punched in the eye last Friday night... by a girl. The details of the incident are sketchy, but police and paramedics were summoned to the site of a party thrown by a friend of Francis. A fire truck also arrived on the scene, just in case.

The extent of Joe's injury is unknown, but he was certainly upset, at one point raising his voice while talking to a police officer. Joe can be heard declaring that "the mitigating factor is my eye", and "we'll let it be decided in court". Later Joe holds what appears to be an improvised ice-pack to the left side of his face.

By the time he left the scene, Joe had calmed down, telling a photographer "Everything's fine. It was just a... misunderstanding".

Considering how many times Joe's company asks girls to lift up their shirts, it's a wonder he doesn't get slugged more often.