Paul's Mystery "Lady"

7/15/2006 11:32 AM PDT

Paul's Mystery "Lady"

Giamatti follows up his Oscar-nominated performance in "Cinderella Man" with the eerie thriller "Lady in the Water." The M. Night Shyamalan film opens next weekend and definitely echoes the director's other spine-chilling movies, "The Sixth Sense" and "The Village."

Giamatti plays Cleveland Heep, a janitor of an apartment complex, "I'm sort of hiding in this place," he says of his part, "I've taken on this mindless job, sort of shut myself off and this is what I do and become a hermit in this little house that I live in on the premises."

Of course, being a Shyamalan film, there are sure to be a few twists and turns and this movie is no different. When Heep finds a mysterious woman, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, in the pool outside his home, the creep factor starts to rise. "She at first seems like this strange young girl but something seems odd about her, but fairly quickly I start to figure out she's not quite human."

"Lady in the Water" opens July 21 in theaters.