Halle and Cuba's Casting Issues

8/8/2006 6:55 PM PDT

Halle and Cuba's Casting Issues

Who wouldn't want Halle Berry in their movie? Well, back before she won an Oscar for her role in "Monster's Ball," the film's producer, Lee Daniels, had his reservations about casting Berry in the career-making part.

Daniels tells AOL Black Voices that he was skeptical of Halle's talents because she was "at her worst publicity-wise. She had just run over somebody- backed up, took off and left them there; done the Flintstones [movie] and was being called a Black Barbie doll. But you know, I'm an underdog and at that moment she was an underdog and I'm always for an underdog"

Luckily, minus the blip known as "Catwoman", Halle's career has never been healthier.

Daniels latest project is the drama "Shadowboxer." As the director on the film Daniels also expressed concerns over hiring Cuba Gooding Jr.

Despite winning an Oscar for his role in "Jerry Maguire", Gooding has seen his once hot career fizzle.

Daniels adds "With Cuba, something wasn't sitting right with me but I remembered him in 'Boyz N the Hood.' That's when I saw the truth and went for him. [With this film], I think he's gangsta. I think he's thug. I think he's honest and good. And I think he's back."

Let's hope so because there aren't many people clamoring for sequels to "Snow Dogs" or "Boat Trip!"