"Deadwood" Goes Digital

8/11/2006 6:27 PM PDT

"Deadwood" Goes Digital

In Sunday's episode of the HBO series "Deadwood," the Old West gets 21st century when the show uses special effects to enhance a scene between George Hearst, played by Gerald McRaney, and E.B. Farnum, played by William Sanderson.

What did the producers need digitally enhanced? Spit.

In the scene, Hearst is supposed to spit in Farnum's face as a sign of obvious disrespect. But McRaney was hesitant, so director Mark Tinker had to call in the special effects team.

"We knew on the cut we would put a projectile in the air," Tinker explains, "and then later on, in the subsequent episode, when Farnum has been standing there for hours with spit on his face, we had to digitally enhance the dried spit."

Be sure to check out the phlegm phun this Sunday at 9PM on HBO.