Heath and Michelle Heart the Paparazzi

8/15/2006 5:51 PM PDT

Heath and Michelle Heart the Paparazzi

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams (yep -- the one sporting the little girl bathing suit) are a perfect example of a Hollywood couple that doesn't shy away from showing the paparazzi how they really feel.

The two were on a Mexican vacation recently, and proudly presented a middle finger salute to the camera man who caught their eye.

But the heartfelt greeting didn't stop there, Heath took some time to write the photog a beautiful love note on a piece of paper saying, well, you can guess what it says.

Unfortunately this isn't the first bad encounter the Oscar nominated actor has had with the paparazzi. Back in June, Heath's father told Australia's Daily Telegraph that the paparazzi are to blame for the actor packing his bags, selling his house and moving to the US.