Babwa to Rosie: Enough With The Blog!

9/4/2006 1:03 AM PDT

Babwa to Rosie: Enough With The Blog!

Rosie's already getting scolded by her new boss Barbara -- and she hasn't even started the job yet.

Just one day before everybody's favorite coffee klatsch/morning soap opera "The View" begins its next incarnation, queen bee Barbara Walters, in a Newsweek interview, says she's not happy about Rosie's sounding off on the "View" promos -- and just about everything else -- on her blog. For her part, Rosie adds that she wouldn't have been able to co-exist with fired Star Jones, and that she's taken Oprah's phone number off her speed dial.

Regardless, it should all make for a very interesting morning on Tuesday, when the ladies reassemble for the Rosie Era, day one.

In the interview, Rosie speaks candidly (but what other way is there with Rosie?) about her affection for Tom Cruise, Star, her new job, and a rather saucy love scene with Julian McMahon. On the subject of Cruise, Rosie says that if she were Oprah, she would've told Tom (or, as she calls him, "Tommy") to get off the damn couch and then retape the segment. Rosie also says that after she once called Oprah early in the morning distraught over the murders at Columbine, she decided to erase O's number from her address book -- "I just don't need to have it," says Rosie.

As far as Star goes, Rosie's sympathetic to her succumbing to the seductions of fame, but adds that she told bookers at "The View" after an appearance with Jones that she would be happy to appear anytime -- as long as Star wasn't on. "I don't want to fight with her," says Rosie.

And, as for her new boss, Rosie, according to Newsweek, sent flowers to Walters very shortly after she posted a blog entry about not liking the new "View" promos -- and that all is well, at least for now.

Suri Pictures Seen!

The National Enquirer reports that it has seen the first pictures of Suri Cruise, and that the baby has a remarkably lush head of hair, so much so that, even just a few months old, she has it combed behind her ears and down her neck. And the tabloid's analysis suggests that Suri looks significantly more like Katie than Tom both feature and skin-tone wise -- in fact, the Enquirer says that no resemblance to Tom is immediately apparent. The pictures, which will reportedly be published in Vanity Fair, show Tom nestling his little girl against his neck and Suri laying on a bed while Tom plays with her and Katie sits by, grinning.

Gisele Plays Doctor When She's Not Around

"Fantastic Four" star Chris Evans and supermodel Gisele Bundchen seem to be getting a lot closer lately. Page Six reports that when Evans injured his ankle on the set of a Men's Health photo shoot, the supermodel-who was visiting family in Brazil at the time-let him recuperate at her apartment in New York. Evans recently split from his girlfriend of two years, Jessica Biel, and Bundchen hasn't seen anyone seriously since breaking up with Leonardo DiCaprio in November after dating for five years.

Pammy Can Do Her Own Makeup!

Striking a very positive note for self-empowerment, Pamela Anderson announced this weekend on her blog that -- drum roll, please -- she's learned to do her own makeup. Explaining that she didn't wear any before moving to LA and that subsequently Playboy folks (and other professionals) would take care of it at a $9,000-per-day clip, she's now learned to do it all by herself, in about 15 minutes. Elsewhere in her latest diary entry at, the newlywed says she multitasks (leg-lifts and brushing her teeth at the same time) and advocates moms putting on a little lipstick on in the mornings. Finally, all this self-discovery is inspiring her to start her own line of hair and beauty products.

Cher and Cher-Alike

Now's your chance to own a piece of Cher. The singer and actress has decided that she's sick of her longtime Gothic décor in her Malibu home-so she's selling them off in what basically amounts to a huge garage sale on October 3-4. She's getting two auction houses to help her get rid of the estimated $1 million worth of goods, including stage costumes, jewelry, a Hummer car and Bob Mackie dresses. A spokesperson for one of the auction houses selling her stuff told Reuters, "This is a lot more than a garage sale. Apart from the dresses and jewels there are Old Masters and architectural drawings." So don't expect Cher to be sitting outside selling lemonade.

No Sentence for Pete Doherty

Kate Moss' boyfriend Pete Doherty got a reprive from jail after yet another arrest for drug posession. A London judge today decided not to sentence the Babyshambles frontman to jail time for his August arrest for possessing a crack pipe and a small amount of crack cocaine. That followed his April arrest for possession of heroin, marijuana, and cocaine-which took place only three hours after he'd been sentenced to two years of community service for his previous drug arrests. This time, instead of jail, he'll have to go through rehabilitation. But the sentencing hearing took a bizarre turn when the judge complimented one of Doherty's songs.

Doherty, who had cleaned up for the occasion, wearing a black suit and striped tie, was followed into the courtroom by his fans, whom the judge had to reprimand for being too loud. Then Judge Jane McIvor told Doherty that his song "The Blinding" was a "good tune." Maybe stars really do get special treatment.

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Labor Day Weekend was a popular time for TV stars to tie the knot. At least two couples got hitched this weekend, reports-"Party of Five" and "7th Heaven" actor Jeremy London married his longtime girlfriend, actress Melissa Cunningham, on Saturday in West Hills, Calif., while "Rodney" actress Jennifer Aspen married actor David O'Donnell in a Scientologist ceremony in Los Angeles on Saturday. Other actors came out to support their friends: Fellow Scientologists Jenna Elfman and Giovanni Ribisi showed up at the Aspen-O'Donnell nuptials, while Carmen Electra, Kevin Connolly, Jeremy Sisto, and Jeremy's brother Jason London (who starred in "Dazed and Confused") partied with Melissa and Jeremy.

Steve-O Takes the Piss

Once a "Jackass," always a "Jackass." Page Six reports that "Jackass" star Steve-O was partying at the Hog Pit, a bar in New York's Meatpacking District, the other night-but he apparently forgot to go to the bathroom before he left. When he stumbled out of the bar, he went up to a tree and proceeded to answer nature's call upon said tree. And unlike other stars who shy away from the camera, Steve-O reportedly didn't mind when people outside took photos of him relieving himself. (Anyone got any photos? Send them along!)

Liza - Gest Feud Just Gets Weirder

The Liza Minnelli and David Gest divorce proceeding has taken a turn for the truly odd, with Minnelli now accusing Gest of trying to "poison" her, and Gest alleging that Liza hid an STD (herpes simplex) from him before their marriage. (Gest says he never actually got an STD.) All the allegations were made in court papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

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