Friday the 13th Part 12: Jason Takes LA

10/13/2006 6:30 PM PDT

Friday the 13th Part 12: Jason Takes LA

Jason Vorhees took a vacation from Camp Crystal Lake and made a special visit to Los Angeles.

The hockey-masked psycho and horror icons Freddy Krueger, Carrie, Frankenstein, Morticia Addams and the Ghostface killer from "Scream" all gathered to celebrate the DVD release of "The Omen" with a birthday party -- complete with a black carpet -- for the spawn of Satan, Damien.

Special guest Ghostface told a reporter, "We're here to celebrate Damien's birthday party, his last one was ruined by the death of his nanny" while Morticia made cracks like "Damien used to play with Pugsley all the time ... Gomez and I used to think Damien was such a little devil."

So who cut the cake at the gathering of horror idols? Why Leatherface of course, who came to the party chainsaw in hand.

Of course there's one minor problem with the celebration ... Damien's birthday is 6.6.06 (get it?) and not Friday the 13th.