The New Sidekick 3 -- Part Geek, Part Chic

10/13/2006 8:25 PM PDT

The New Sidekick 3 -- Part Geek, Part Chic

T-Mobile introduced two limited edition Sidekicks Thursday night, cementing the phone's status as both a cutting edge communication device and leading fashion accessory.

Instead of tossing a new coat of paint on the phones and calling it a day, the Sidekick people brought in some pretty big names to "pimp" their gadgets.

Fashion legend Diane von Furstenberg dressed her Sidekick in sleek black and peppered it with her signature hot pink lip design. Lifted Research Group, who boats the slogan "underground inventive, overground effective", created a baby tree camouflage design, customized with L-R-G's iconic imagery.

The T-Mobile Sidekick 3 now combines cutting edge technology like bluetooth, instant messaging, email, web browsing, a full QWERTY keyboard, voice capabilities and, of course, cutting edge designs. If these hot looks tickle your fancy, you might want to hurry up and buy one, supplies are already in high demand at select T-Mobile retail locations and their online store.