Brit Gives Away K-Fed's Sneakers

10/17/2006 6:55 AM PDT

Brit Gives Away K-Fed's Sneakers

Britney Spears is so desperate for her husband to make a little of his own money for a change that she's begging her fans to help sell copies of his CD – and offering an old pair of his sneakers as a premium.

It might be the spookiest thing you'll ever do on a Halloween, but if you manage to help sell the most copies of Kevin Federline's upcoming CD "Playing With Fire," you too can have the privilege of partying with the Spears-Federlines at the CD release party on October 31st, as MSNBC reports. Second prize? The pair of treads that K-Fed wore for his infamous debut on the Teen Choice Awards. The lucky third prize winners get a $200 gift certificate, and 10 runners-up get a replica of the medallion K-Fed wears every day.

Denise's Bed Partners Make Her Kink-y

Denise Richards just loves sleeping with dogs – the canine kind, that is. The actress, who is in the midst of getting a divorce from Charlie Sheen, tells Animal Fair magazine (via Page Six) that she bunks regularly with her five – count 'em, five – pooches, two Boston terriers, a French bulldog, a pug, and a golden retriever. On a slightly disturbing note, Richards says, "I dress them up all the time [and] they sleep with me often." Let's not forget that Richards also has two children, whom she recently allowed into the bed along with all the dogs. "I didn't sleep very well that night. I woke up with a kink in my neck."

Diddy Ain't Ready For Marriage

Even though he's been with ex-model Kim Porter for many years, he's not ready to get married to her – just like he wasn't ready to marry ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, unlike everyone else she's been with.

Diddy tells Rush & Molloy that he and Porter will tie the knot "when I'm ready. I have to be ready to get married. If I marry anyone, Kim will be the woman." Even though that might not be exactly what Kim wanted to hear, it seems as though Porter is standing by her man, placidly. For instance, when the rapper got together with Jennifer Lopez, "Kim never really sweated [her]," Diddy tells Vibe magazine. "She was, 'Ah, you're playin' yourself ... You're running ... around with your little Puerto Rican girlfriend. You'll be back.'" And she was right. And Diddy has a theory about Lopez and her matrimonial allure. "Everybody who ever meets the girl winds up marrying or wanting to marry her," says Puff, offering up Cris Judd, Ben Affleck, and Mark Anthony as examples of his theory.

Party Favors: Leo Produces Green Reality Series ... Lord of the Dance Steps into Marriage ... New York Rapper Shot In Garage

Superstar treehugger Leonardo DiCaprio is cooking up a reality series about a town that goes from ruined to environmentally friendly. "E-topia," which is being pitched this week, will, as Variety reports, go to a down-and-out town and rebuild it using all environmentally-friendly methods ... Michael Flatley, he of the hands-on-hips and high-leg-kick "Riverdance" dancing style, married his longtime co-star Niamh O'Brien in Ireland on Saturday, reports People. No word on what the pair did for their first dance ... Rapper Fabolous was shot early Tuesday standing in a New York parking garage in the thigh. The Brooklyn-born rapper was taken to a hospital, and the four men who approached him were apprehended by police.

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