DJ AM? More Like DJ EM!

10/17/2006 4:24 PM PDT

DJ AM? More Like DJ EM!

Is this the same Elliot Mintz that used to be a DJ in the '60s?

You may have just dated yourself, Chris! Yes, the Elliot Mintz of today is the same as the Elliot Mintz of the 60's. He used to DJ for KPPC, the underground rock station straight from Pasadena. Mintz can also list the legendary John Lennon as one of his PR clients and personal friends. He worked for nine different radio stations over a ten year period as a disc jockey and radio host. He interviewed over 2,000 people and was the entertainment correspondent for Eyewitness News on KABC in Los Angeles. He is an award-winning journalist, has represented more than 40 clients and currently represents roughly ten individuals whom he chooses not to name.

Of course we know that this bachelor is also the publicist and go-to man for none other than Paris Hilton -- and was quoted in a recent NY Times profile as saying he adores Paris.

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What's Keri Russell up to these days?

Brooke, everyone's favorite college friend is all grown up and making a name for herself. Keri Russell will be starring in at least three movies due out next year. One of those -- "August Rush," in which she acts alongside Terrance Howard and Robin Williams -- is set for release in February of 2007.

She is also the new and fresh face for CoverGirl cosmetics. Of course she is not alone in this department -- Halle Berry is the face of Revlon while Sarah Michelle Gellar is the star of Maybelline.

What's the latest with Katharine McPhee?

Linda, no doubt Katharine McPhee's album is one of the most anticipated "Idol" albums to date. Due out November 28, this untitled, not yet categorized list of tracks has people wondering what McPhee will be bringing to the table. Is it rock? Is it pop? Is it jazzy? No one quite yet knows, which is something Katharine prefers -- this way her fans will be surprised.

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Anything new on Orlando Bloom?

Krystal, Orlando was a busy traveling man last week. After spending a few days strolling around Paris, he made his way back to the States on October 10 via LAX (the airport, not the club!) to continue filming for "Pirates of the Caribbean 3."

Bloom, who split with actress Kate Bosworth not long ago, still makes sure to make time for the things he holds most dear in life. Click here to find out more!

Are Tom and Katie getting married or what?

Take a breather, Carole -- it looks as if TomKat will be tying the knot ... and soon! Katie is getting her bod back in shape for the big walk down the aisle and already has all the details down pat for the gown. The only problem now seems to be where the nuptials will be exchanged -- a la Scientology center or a traditional Catholic church. Time will tell.

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