Birkhead's Message to Anna Nicole's Baby

10/19/2006 3:04 PM PDT

Birkhead's Message to Anna Nicole's Baby

Convinced that he is the real father of Anna Nicole's newborn daughter, a desperate Larry Birkhead has created an Internet tribute to the child. The words "Dannielynn, born September 7, 'I Can Only Imagine...' love Daddy" grace the front page of while the song "I Can Only Imagine" by MercyMe plays in background. The popular Christian song, which describes what one would experience upon meeting Jesus in heaven, asks the question "What it will be like when I walk by your side?"

We can only guess that Larry is referring to the fact that Anna Nicole Smith and her daughter are residents of the Bahamas and living with a man claiming to be the child's real father. A source close to Birkhead will only tell TMZ "the lyrics say it all."

Birkhead filed court papers in Los Angeles recently to challenge the paternity of the little girl.

TMZ recently obtained a copy of the official birth certificate for Dannielynn. On the document Howard K. Stern is listed as the father.