Blue Lagoon Star Wants to Whiten Your Smile

11/2/2006 4:07 PM PST

Blue Lagoon Star Wants to Whiten Your Smile

Tired of the same boring old toothbrush? Do you wish there were a more glamorous way to get ready in the morning?

Now there is! Shine your pearly whites with an autographed Colgate 360 used in a recent commercial by Brooke Shields. Forget cooties, take a good look at Brooke's teeth -- seriously, those things are bright! Proceeds to benefit Friends Western School.

Want to spruce up your dreaded dreadlocks? Jennifer Lopez is auctioning off an autographed Ouchless Goody hairbrush to benefit Living Beyond Breast Cancer. This is something you might want to coif up some bucks for.

Now, when you show up to work looking fabulous, you can claim your celebrity friends gave you a little help.