Britney Ripped for Bad Driving

12/15/2006 1:50 PM PST

Britney Ripped for Bad Driving

Britney Spears had a rough Thursday night attempting to drive in Hollywood -- not the Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Richie kinda rough -- you can't commit a moving violation when you can't get the car to move!

Britney went to Hyde -- for literally five minutes -- before making her way to Area. When she pulled up, she stopped her car and couldn't get it moving again. She struggled with the various knobs and buttons, to no avail. The paparazzi feverishly snapped her picture, but as they realized she couldn't move the vehicle, several photogs can be heard poking fun at her discombobulated driving skills.

Eventually she just gave up and let an expert (the valet) take it from there.

Earlier in the day, photogs spotted Britney at a recording studio in Burbank with manager, Larry Rudolph. Notice how Britney felt the need to bare the midriff even while working. Apparently, the belly must be fully exposed to allow the creative juices to flow.