Britney Strips for Free, Still Gets the Hook

12/19/2006 9:42 AM PST

Britney Strips for Free, Still Gets the Hook

Britney Spears just can't – or won't – keep her clothes on.

After exposing herself with a little see-through number for her mom's birthday and then a cleavage-spilling blouse for the Lakers game Sunday night, Brit went over to Hollywood burlesque club Forty Deuce and, as the New York Daily News reports, decided to give the patrons a little show of her own between striptease acts.

Brit, cig in hand, "gyrated for the crowd," and bared her bra for all to see (not that we haven't seen it all before). Amusingly, the club owner actually had to ask the Unsinkable Ms. Spears to cede the stage to the pros, but she wouldn't budge. Finally, to refresh herself after all the exertion, Brit slaked her thirst, says the Daily News, with that classic cocktail of Champagne and Coke.

Duck, Oprah –- Naomi's Coming

Hyperaggressive supermodel Naomi Campbell might try to give her image a makeover with an appearance on Oprah Winfrey's show. According to Britain's Mail on Sunday (via IMDb), Naomi and Oprah "have been talking for a while" about getting Naomi on the show. Campbell is currently under siege from three former employees – two former maids and a former assistant – who allege that Campbell physically abused them in one way or another, including with projectile appliances. No word on whether Oprah would issue protective headgear to her studio audience.

Penn Wants Bush Impeached ... But Hang On Just A Sec, Wouldja?

Sean Penn railed against President Bush and Vice President Cheney last night in New York and even called for their impeachment – but he first had to take a phone call while at the podium.

As FOX News reports, the Oscar-winning actor was honored with the Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award from the Creative Coalition, and even though his message was a fervent, stern one, he couldn't quite get on track because his cell phone kept ringing. Penn decided he had to answer the call. Still, once he got going, he went there: "If we attempt to impeach for lying about a [certain oral sex act], yet accept these almost certain abuses without challenge, we become a [human] stain on the flag we wave," said Penn.

Party Favors: Larry King Won't Be Replaced ... Christina Ricci Won't Wear Fur ... Evert and Norman Hook Up

Larry King will not have a replacement when he retires, whenever that might be, says a "high-ranking" CNN exec to the New York Post. Diane Sawyer, Bob Costas, and Ryan Seacrest had been linked to the job, which King is under contract to do until 2009, for the princely sum of $7 million per year ... Christina Ricci got smacked down by PETA for wearing fur, and now, reports Planet Gossip's Marc Malkin, she says she's going to stop wearing the stuff. Ricci's getting a basket of "cruelty-free goodies" as a thank-you from PETA ... Are tennis legend Chris Evert and golfer Greg "The Shark" Norman playing a little doubles outside the lines? The pair have been seen together in Palm Beach, reports Page Six, and Norman told reporters recently that the two are "very, very close friends."

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