Don't Threaten Us, Dane Cook!

12/20/2006 2:56 PM PST

Don't Threaten Us, Dane Cook!

TMZ superstar Josh Levine hit the streets of Hollywood last night and got a few words of warning from funnyman Dane Cook outside the Laugh Factory.

"I'm going to steal your camera one of these days," Dane joked. "I'm going to steal it and run away with it." Dane then predicted how we'd react. "Cut to me puking in a bush ... green screen." Well, Dane, since you asked for it ...

Meanwhile, Travis Barker rolled through the backdoor of Hyde nightclub, with a Shanna Moakler look-a-like on his arm.

Also soaking up the moonlight, Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Michael Vartan.

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