The TMZ Post-Holiday Gift Guide

12/25/2006 10:45 AM PST

The TMZ Post-Holiday Gift Guide

No matter how you celebrate, the holidays are a time for gifts. Unfortunately, your loved ones might not have caught on when you left iPod brochures taped to their windshields. Sure, a toaster oven is a nice gift, but it's not going to fill your ears with the latest Gwen Stefani album. Lucky for you, there are few other ways to get what you really want, regardless of how many times you dropped the word iPod into your conversations.

Sure you can return that unwanted item, but if you wanted to stand in line, you'd have moved to Russia. The Internet has opened a world of possibilities for buying or selling anything your little heart desires.

First off, you have the old standby, eBay. It doesn't get much simpler than setting up an auction for your unwanted gifts and using the cash to bid on what you really wanted, or just pocketing the money for a rainy day. is a great way to unload those items, along with that couch that smells like Meatloaf. (The singer, not the food.) You post a free ad and just wait for a torrent of email from people more than happy to take that stuff away. While you pass the time, you can read the 'missed connections' posts and feel better about your own life.

Finally, a new site, Flippid, is making it easier for buyers to get what they want for what they want to pay. Sure, eBay can get you a PS3, but who wants to pay $1,500 to play video games? Flippid matches people who want stuff with people who have stuff. You name the price and let the sellers compete for your hard-earned cash. You can even set an expiration date on your post. Of course, you can also sell items on the site.

With these tips, you can make your holidays that much brighter, unless you want a d*** in a box. Then you're on your own.