Paris Hilton: Dim Bulbs

1/5/2007 1:24 PM PST

Paris Hilton: Dim Bulbs

Paris Hilton got herself a brand spankin' new Bentley ... and promptly broke it.

The heiress was spotted last night as she left Area nightclub in a dazzling silver 2007 Bentley Continental GTC Convertible -- a car with a one-year waiting list. Photogs and a cop oohed and aahed at the shiny new wheels just before Paris drove away.

One minor bug -- the driver's side headlight and taillight never shut off after Hilton returned home!

Perhaps the car comes with silver jumper cables.

Update: Special shout out and thank you to all of our luxury vehicle-driving readers who brought this to our attention: Since none of us here at TMZ own Bentleys, we were unaware that the low-density headlights are actually a safety feature, allowing the car to be seen at night. Looks like Paris got herself a great Christmas gift after all.