Hottest Videos -- Week of 12/31

1/7/2007 4:02 AM PST

Hottest Videos -- Week of 12/31

Catch The Donald attacking "Today" host Meredith Vieira, Britney Spears partying with her New Year's Eve pals, singer Rihanna basking on the beach in Barbados, K-Fed getting his butt kicked on WWE, and Shanna Moakler leaving Mr. Chow with a porn star -- all in this week's hottest videos!
The Donald doesn't take lightly to being asked about anything other than the latest season of "The Apprentice," especially his feud with Rosie. Meredith Vieira learned that on the "Today" show this week. Damn, Donald, chillax!

Mother and party girl Britney Spears rang in the New Year at Las Vegas nightclub PURE, where she reportedly passed out cold. Watch the pre-faint footage of Brit with her buds.

Pop singer Rihanna had a present for her fellow Barbadians -- and her fans back here in the U.S.; hot video of her frolicking on the beach. We can speak for the people of both countries when we say thank you.

K-Fed has a penchant for pain. WWE superstar John Cena again body-slammed the F-list celebrity ... hard. Well at least K-Fed had an audience.

Shanna Moakler is an adult. So what's wrong with dating an "adult entertainer?" 'Nuff said.