Jack Osbourne's Barfing Beauty

1/16/2007 11:44 AM PST

Jack Osbourne's Barfing Beauty

Careful not to hurl on his brand-new Aston Martin, Jack Osbourne's platinum blonde lady friend used the side of a road to yak her brains out last night after a long night of partying in Hollywood.

Moments after the vomit queen got out of the car, cops arrived on scene to catch the puker in all her glory, and to make sure the newly sworn-in Muncie reserve police officer had the situation under control.

As Jack explained everything to his fellow boys in blue, the shapely spewer began spitting up apologies to Osbourne, explaining that she didn't "wanna puke all over your car." How considerate.

With her hair a mess, and Jack obviously embarrassed, the upchucker finally ended her roadside release and got back in the car, proclaiming, "Jack saved me!" Wonder if we'll ever see the two of them partying together again?