Nicky Keeps Wobbly Paris In Line

1/24/2007 7:55 AM PST

Nicky Keeps Wobbly Paris In Line

Nicky Hilton has got her big sister Paris' back!

The party princesses arrived at last week's re-opening of hip Melrose Avenue eatery, Table 8. A source tells us that as they made their way to a table, Nicky whispered some telling words of wisdom to sister Paris, "Just walk in a straight line. Just walk in a straight line." Considering Paris' recent no contest plea in her DUI case, those are words to live by!

It seems the hotel heiresses had started the night's festivities prior to hitting the restaurant, and Nicky just wanted to make sure P didn't lose her balance while making an entrance. You know -- cause of her, er, high heels. Yeah, that's it.

Who needs an alcohol education program, when you've got your little sister looking out for you?!