Attack of the Killer iPods!

2/7/2007 4:21 PM PST

Attack of the Killer iPods!

If a proposed bill passes in New York, you won't see pedestrians in Manhattan bopping along to their iPods.

State Sen. Carl Kruger is planning to introduce legislation to ban the use of gadgets -- iPods, Blackberrys, cell phones, etc. -- while crossing city streets. Careful Sen. Kruger, you don't want to cross Steve Jobs!

"We're talking about people walking, sort of tuned in and in the process of being tuned in, tuned out," Kruger told WCBS-TV in New York. "They're walking into speeding cars. They're walking into buses. They're walking into one another and it's creating a number of fatalities that have been documented right here in the city."

Kruger's bill calls for a $100 fine, and would apply only to big cities in New York state, which already has a law banning the use of cell phones while driving, unless a hands-free device is used.