The Item Formerly Seen on Prince

2/7/2007 7:15 PM PST

The Item Formerly Seen on Prince

When you bid on celebrity memorabilia on eBay, with most items, you're taking a leap of faith. Paris might not have signed a copy of her sex tape, and it's highly unlikely Kurt Cobain signed that copy of a newly released Nirvana box set.

With that in mind, today's eBay auction item is the black bandanna allegedly worn by Prince at this year's Super Bowl halftime show. The seller claims to have caught the do-rag of His Royal Purpleness during the performance.

What makes us question the authenticity of the item, besides the lack of photographic evidence of the seller at the Super Bowl, are the frayed pieces of string on it. Prince would never allow such a low quality item on his head. His fashion sense might be be questionable, but his standards are not.

So, all you Prince fans out there, including TMZ's Daniel, check out the auction and see for yourselves.