Hottest Videos Week of 02/04

2/10/2007 5:00 AM PST

Hottest Videos -- Week of 02/04

Former wrestler Chyna Doll, went toe to toe with Monique Goen, wife of TRIMSPA CEO Alex Goen, over the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Goen accused Chyna of being a publicity whore who was never a friend of Anna Nicole. Chyna replied that she didn't need publicity because, "I get my own."

TomKat can do a lot of things, conceive a child, jump on couches, perhaps even sway celebrities to join Scientology. Yet with all those talents, there is one that eludes the power couple: The power of dance.

All is fair in love and comedy. If a jilted woman can drive almost 900 miles to confront an adversary over a man, Letterman can certainly create the Top Ten signs an astronaut is trying to kill you. Check out the hilarity.
TMZ obtained exclusive footage of Kim Kardashian's sex tape. While "water sports" will not be part of the final video, there will be plenty of "extracurricular activities" on the screen when and if it hits your local adult bookstore.

Andy Dick struck again. This time on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," where the former funnyman got extremely handsy with Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka. After being warned by Kimmel, Dick had to be forcibly removed by the guards. Just another day for Andy.