WTF Happened to Paris Hilton?

2/19/2007 2:02 PM PST

WTF Happened to Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton lost her mirror and freaked out folks in Vegas this weekend with mysterious red blotches on her chest and a makeup catastrophe on her nose.

Heiress Paris hit the red carpet for her 26th birthday party at The Hard Rock's Body English -- sporting some freaky marks on her chest and novel nasal cosmetics.

There's a look. (?)

Paris' rep Elliot Mintz examined the pictures. While he's "not sure what it is," he assures TMZ that it is not a burn. He says that it is probably makeup that rubbed off when someone gave her a hug. He adds that in the thousands of pictures that were taken of Paris in Vegas over the weekend, no other shots showed the marks on her body -- and that "she looked beautiful throughout the weekend."