Anna's Funeral -- For a Price

3/1/2007 11:09 PM PST

Anna's Funeral -- For a Price

Anna Nicole Smith's funeral is proving to be one of the most expensive events of all time ... for the people covering it!

TMZ has learned that the Bahamian gated community which houses the church where Anna's funeral will take place tomorrow, is desperately trying to cash in on the media spectacle -- by charging news crews and paparazzi agencies thousands of dollars to get inside.

Each crew that wants to get inside the community of Sandy Port is required to pay $2000 per camera and $5000 to set up a live feed ... and they want their money tonight! Interested parties must submit a form with an authorized credit card number before midnight, or they won't be allowed through the gate on Friday.

We're told one photo agency has already forked over $15,000 for special access inside the grounds.