Trump: Howard K. Stern is a "Total Loser"

3/2/2007 11:27 AM PST

Trump: Howard K. Stern is a "Total Loser"

Donald Trump might actually hate someone more than Rosie O'Donnell. Who'da thunk it?

The Donald called-in to the Don Imus Show on MSNBC this morning, as the body of his "friend" Anna Nicole Smith was being transported from Broward Country Morgue to Miami International Airport. After recounting her "terrible" life, Trump unleashed a verbal tirade aimed squarely at Howard K. Stern, calling him a "total loser" and a "hanger-on."

"There's something more to him than meets the eye," said Trump, adding, "the baby has got about a less than one percent chance of being his."

Looks like Rosie might be in the clear ... for now.