Paris & Lindsay Christen Winston's

3/8/2007 2:35 PM PST

Paris & Lindsay Christen Winston's

Paris Hilton, sister Nicky and Lindsay Lohan all hit up the hottest new club in L.A. last night -- leaving Hyde in the party dust. TMZ caught the two Hiltons and the blonded and rehabbed Lohan leaving Winston's in West Hollywood. The club, which was visited last week by Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Trachtenberg, is apparently the latest spot for the fickle starlet party crowd.

Nicky's ex-boyfriend, Kevin Connolly, was out last night as well, dining at Mr. Chow and signing autographs. Kim Kardashian was there too, bombarded by a crazy female fan who apparently has a thing for sex-tape stars -- this is same fan who surprised Paris Hilton at her house a while back.

Also on the town and seen at Boulevard 3: a gracious Chris Rock and a silent Dave Navarro.

All in today's rehabbed but still partying edition of Star Catcher.