Is Anna Nicole's Garbage eBay Gold?

3/12/2007 7:06 PM PDT

Is Anna Nicole's Garbage eBay Gold?

Anna Nicole Smith's diary can be yours -- if the eBay bid is right!

Starting today, loads of Anna's personal items, including diaries, ID cards and store receipts, are up for sale. The items, which Anna disregarded while she was taping her reality series, "The Anna Nicole Show," are now owned by a group of "investors." Anna's former "Bodyguard" William Castleberry and D'Eva and Eric Redding also have items up for bid. The Reddings claim to have discovered Anna when she was a dancer in Houston, and are the authors of an Anna bio entitled, "Great Big Beautiful Doll: The Anna Nicole Smith Story."

The investors brought the items to Universal Rarities, a fine collectibles and memorabilia company, where for a 15% commission, they placed the goods on eBay. All other profits from the sale of Anna's recycled personal effects go to Castleberry and the Reddings.

While Anna's items have only been up for sale for a few hours, Jeff Woolf, co-owner of Universal Rarities tells TMZ, "We've been getting a great response, so far." Going, going, gone!