Cops Cuff Actor... for Acting!

3/13/2007 4:47 PM PDT

Cops Cuff Actor... for Acting!

TMZ has obtained exclusive video of several LAPD officers cuffing actor Erik Palladino after he was seen brandishing a gun on the streets of Hollywood in early February. The only problem -- the gun was fake and the only thing Palladino was shooting was a movie!

As Palladino performed a scene for the film, "Hotel California," police cruisers rushed the sidewalk and cops readied their real guns to deal with the "situation."

Director Geo Santini didn't seem too worried as his star was placed in handcuffs, ad-libbing to the perplexed actor, "You gotta be on set tomorrow, that's what the contract says!"

Once the crew explained to cops that they were shooting a movie, Palladino was released and filming resumed without incident. LAPD had no comment on the incident, which occurred February 11.