J-Hud And I'm Telling You, I'm No Diva!

3/19/2007 2:00 PM PDT

J-Hud -- And I'm Telling You, I'm No Diva!

Jennifer Hudson is firing back at recent media sniping that says she's a flake and an ingrate.

In an exclusive interview, she tells Jawn Murray of "The Tom Joyner Morning Show" that she's been "hurt" by the backlash since her Oscar triumph, especially allegations that she tried to ditch the "Soul Train Music Awards" and that she demeaned "American Idol" as a mere "stepping stone." Page Six reported last week that Hudson tried to back out of the "Soul Train " show, where she received an award. "Why would they dog me out after I was one of the only people to show up on the show?" asks Hudson.

And as for her calling "Idol" a stepping stone -- to which Simon Cowell made a pointed and sneering reference on a recent episode -- Hudson acknowledges that she did, but says, "I didn't mean it in a bad way ... 'American Idol' is a stepping stone because had it not been for them, no one would have known of a Jennifer Hudson to call to audition for 'Dreamgirls.'" Hudson adds that she's actually met this year's "Idol" contenders and taped a segment with them -- all at her own request.

Hudson is clearly learning that getting famous as meteorically as she has ain't no dream, girl: "It's like everything I say referring to the show gets twisted around and makes me look like I'm being arrogant and a diva."

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