Who Gave Anna Fatal Dose?

3/26/2007 12:17 PM PDT

Who Gave Anna Fatal Dose?

It is unclear if Anna took the fatal drug cocktail that killed her on her own or if someone gave it to her.

In all, she was taking nine drugs, including Valium, Ativan, antihistamines and chloral hydrate. She was also taking muscle relaxers. But Dr. Perper says it was impossible to know if she took some or all of the drugs without assistance.

Smith was on a variety of pain medication, including methadone, but none of those meds had anything to do with Anna's death, this according to Dr. Perper.

There was no evidence of complications with surgery either, including Smith's recent C-section operation.

We also learned today that the "additional evidence" that delayed today's announcement was information contained in Anna's computer. TMZ is told that the laptop computer was actually owned by Howard K. Stern.

Stern gave authorities access to the computer. The laptop helped determine the manner of death. Authorities were looking to see if there were e-mails showing the possibility of suicide or homicide but neither were found.