Who Injected Anna? Needle Infection Caused Big Problems

3/26/2007 12:02 PM PDT

Who Injected Anna? Needle Infection Caused Big Problems

Some of the drugs Anna Nicole Smith had taken were prescribed to her -- some under an alias and some prescribed to other people but intended for her. TMZ first reported that a Beverly Hills doctor sent prescriptions to Anna's Bahamas address but they were prescribed for an unknown person.

Dr. Perper says the injection that caused the buttock infection did not in and of itself cause her death. It is unclear who administered the injection that broke the abscess open, but it was not the linchpin of her death.

Still, it created significant health issues for Smith. Dr. Perper says when his team went back and examined Anna Nicole, he found multiple injections in the left buttock and it appeared a needle perforated something under the skin that caused an infection. The needle perforated an abscess and caused the infection that led to a high fever.

She had injected a drug into her left buttock days before her death. Dr. Joshua Perper announced that when Anna Nicole flew to Miami before she died, she was complaining of pain in her left cheek.

She developed chills as she went to the Hard Rock and developed a fever of 105 degrees, but she refused to go to the hospital, a decision that may have proved fatal