Paris and Elliot Mintz Back in Business

5/8/2007 1:30 PM PDT

Paris and Elliot Mintz Back in Business

Paris Hilton didn't last more than a couple days without her mainstay publicist and trusted advisor Elliot Mintz by her side, and the quickly reconciled pair stepped out last night outside of chez Hilton.

It appears that Paris taught Mintz one of her favorite moves -- the time-honored cell-phone-as-paparazzi-avoidance technique -- demonstrated here to perfection by Mintz.

It's been a tumultuous five days for Hilton and Mintz. In court Friday, Paris blamed the PR guru for misinforming her about her suspended license, then the judge called Elliot's testimony "worthless." Then, the pair announced a separation, briefly ending one of the most visible publicist-client relationships in all of celebdumb, er, celebdom.

But today, Mintz tells TMZ that he and Paris "met last evening and agreed to continue our professional relationship ... I shall continue to respect and support her as her media rep and friend." It's hard out here for a Mintz!