Lance Bass Passes Gas

5/10/2007 2:39 PM PDT

Lance Bass Passes Gas

Well not exactly ... but he certainly can pump it up!

Thanks to losing a bet with L.A. DJs Valentine and Lisa Foxx on STAR 98.7, Lance was forced to serve as the station's intern for the day. Among his menial tasks? Giving people gas!

Val and Lisa posted Lance at a Chevron station in Burbank, Calif. to pump free gas for radio listeners who lined up for blocks. Our cameras caught the crooner filling tanks with a smile on his face. Hey Lance -- when those royalty checks stop coming in, you've got a great career as a grease monkey!

A few of the gas guzzlers even begged Bass to talk to their friends on their cell phones. Wait, isn't that dangerous at the gas pump?!

As for his next gig ... TMZ is looking for a new summer intern -- perhaps Lance will give us a shout!