Paris Talking to Patty Hearst?

5/13/2007 9:09 AM PDT

Paris Talking to Patty Hearst?

Jail-time advice from one socialite to another? In a segment that will run tomorrow, "The Insider" TV show reports that Paris has been taken under bank-robbing socialite Patty Hearst's wing, and is getting the inside scoop on prison life from Hearst. Patty did time in the mid-'70s after she was abducted by the Symbionese Liberation Army, and then caught on film robbing a bank with them. After serving two years in prison, Hearst's sentence was commuted by Jimmy Carter. She later received a pardon from Bill Clinton.

Leah Remini Not Trying to Convert J.Lo

Sure Leah Remini hangs out with Xenu, but that doesn't mean she expects BFF J.Lo to, too! In a new interview in People magazine, the "King of Queens" actress reveals that while she's definitely committed to Scientology, she isn't trying to convert her best friend -- or anybody else. "I read once that I was trying to get Jennifer to do Scientology because it helps with fertility. I don't know what that's about. That's bull -- that we're sitting there at the Polo Lounge talking about fertility. I think Jennifer knows how to get pregnant," cracked Remini. "She's a fabulous girl. I'm fabulous to hang out with. But it's like, "What could these two have in common? She must be trying to convert her!"

SJP Controls the Clothes

Chill out Carrie! Sarah Jessica Parker reveals her controlling side in a new interview in Glamour magazine. Seems she's prone to picking out poor hubby Matthew Broderick's outfits. "Before he knew me, he felt very confident about dressing on his own," she said. "I seem to have sapped his confidence. He thinks I have become an interloper in his closet ... I buy him so much that he feels it's taken away his ability to make his own decisions." Sounds like Ferris needs a day off!

Party Favors ... Jaime Pressly Gives Birth ... Don Ho's Daughter Passed Away

"My Name is Earl" star Jaime Pressly gave birth to a baby boy on Friday morning in Los Angeles. She and fiancé Eric Cubiche named the baby Dezi James. ... Less than a month after her father died, Hawaiian singer Don Ho's daughter Dayna Ho-Henry, 51, was found dead on Friday. No foul play suspected, according to police.