Oprah "Shocked" by Dad's Tell-All

5/22/2007 1:01 AM PDT

Oprah "Shocked" by Dad's Tell-All

Oprah Winfrey's dad is writing a book about the media queen -- and she's stunned that he didn't tell her about it. What's more, says O, her papa is "the last person in the world to be doing a book" about her life.

Oprah found out about dad Vernon's book when a reporter from Rush & Molloy called her to ask about it, and laughed it off. But then Papa Winfrey fessed up, and Winfrey says she was "stunned" by the revelation. Still, she's said recently that she has a "good relationship" with Vernon, whom she went to live with when she was 14 and pregnant (the child did not survive) and left her mother's care.

Meanwhile, just the other night, Ted Koppel couldn't resist taking a shot at Oprah and longtime beau Stedman Graham. The former "Nightline" host told bigwigs at a fundraiser Sunday night that though he and his wife had been married 44 years, "Oprah and Stedman have been engaged for longer than that."

Jess & John – Well, That Didn't Take Long

Looks like Jessica Simpson and John Mayer just can't stay away from each other -- just a couple days after announcing their big split, they're back together again, reuniting in New York, according to multiple sources. TMZ spies spotted John Mayer hovering suspiciously close to Jessica's downtown hotel, and People reports that the pair went on a date Sunday night. Still, a source tells People that they're in "a normal relationship." Right: the kind of "normal relationship" where people are apart for weeks at a time and break up -- seemingly -- every week.

Porn Virgin Katee Holmes Peeves Real Katie Holmes

An aspiring starlet who wants to lose her virginity on camera is taking Katee Holmes as her nom de porn, and Katie Holmes isn't liking it one bit. The young Katee says that taking Mrs. Cruise's name is a "tribute to Katie," according to Page Six, because Katie has always portrayed "an innocence" in everything she's done. (Except that topless scene in "The Gift," of course.) The fake Katee is planning to lose it on camera, among other activities, and Katie and husband Cruise are reportedly considering their options against the young "Holmes."

Party Favors: Britney Gets Shot (with Vitamins) ... Urban Offered Booze on Plane ... Darth Vader Wants to Be Loved by Lucas

Britney Spears needed her fix last night -- of vitamin B-12, report Rush & Molloy. The pop star called around the Miami area to find a doctor who could give her a B-12 shot, and she got shot up before the show. ... Rehabbed alcoholic Keith Urban got welcomed back to South Australia -- with a bottle of wine. The awkward moment came on a flight from Sydney to Adelaide, when a flight attendant didn't recognize Urban. The country star didn't take any, though. ... The original Darth Vader, David Prowse, says that he hasn't spoken to George Lucas since the original, because Lucas was peeved that he'd revealed Vader's demise in "Return of the Jedi." But now he wants to bury the hatchet, he tells the London Sun (via MSNBC), at an upcoming Star Wars fan convention.