Fake It Like Beckham

5/23/2007 1:35 PM PDT

Fake It Like Beckham

The only thing phonier than Victoria Beckham -- her life!

With her "reality" show camera crews in tow, Victoria got pulled over while driving her black SUV in L.A. on Tuesday. What a coinky-dink! The first time we see Vicky B behind the wheel, she gets pulled over!

Sporting a ridiculously tight bondage skirt, Posh barely maneuvers out of her vehicle -- and into the paparazzi's full view -- to hand over paperwork to a police officer. Aren't you supposed to stay inside your vehicle?! Well, make sure you get her good side!

Afterwards, Victoria made her mic'd way to a local DMV office for more photo ops. Hopefully, Posh realized DMV does not stand for Dior, Manolo and Versace!