GPS Treasure Hunting

5/26/2007 4:00 AM PDT

GPS Treasure Hunting

If you're sick of all the picnics and blockbuster movie outings that come with Memorial Day weekend, maybe it's time to do a little geocaching -- the high-tech modern day treasure hunt that's thrilling nerds everywhere!

Utilizing an electronic device known as a GPS unit, you can determine your location anywhere in the world within 6 to 20 feet. Most devices give you coordinates in longitude and latitude; you use these coordinates to determine your position and the position of your destination. Garmin has a full product line of GPS units suitable for geocaching.

Geocachers then use this information to place and hunt destinations known as "caches." The caches can contain a logbook for geocachers to sign, a box of random items left by other geocachers, or a clue to the next cache. There are a few rules; if you take something from the cache, leave something to replace it and fill out the log book.

So if you're up for a little adventure this weekend, try your hand at geocaching. It'll be easier then deciphering the plot of the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" film.