Mischa Chows Down Before Hospital Scare

5/29/2007 6:12 PM PDT

Mischa Chows Down Before Hospital Scare

Mischa Barton had a lot on her plate this weekend -- dinner at Mr. Chow, shopping trips with Nicole Richie and a Memorial Day BBQ topped off with a trip to the hospital after mixing prescription drugs with alcohol. Busy, busy, busy!!!

TMZ spotted Ms. Barton a few days before her bad mix as she left Mr. Chow with her younger and recently rehabbed sister, Hania. Mischa was sporting some bright red lipstick usually seen only on streetwalkers ... and Christina Aguilera. Mischa's former "OC" co-star, Benjamin McKenzie, was also out this weekend, hitting up Koi the same evening.

Other celebs at Chow: a slightly weathered Rachel Hunter, the auto-promo princess Kim Kardashian, and a bedazzled Omarion.

Also out this weekend: a blingin' Lil' Jon, constant badass Danny Trejo, a stripperifficly-dressed Shauna Sand, wacky nosebreaker Paula Abdul jetting away from L.A., Mark "This way to the gun show" Wahlberg and a porn-hunting Janice Dickinson.

All this and more in today's "I'll have some Zithromax and a martini" edition of Star Catcher.