Bonaduce Stuffs His Partridge Into Stripper Panties

6/1/2007 11:04 AM PDT

Bonaduce Stuffs His Partridge into Stripper Panties

With Adam Corolla egging him on, Danny Bonaduce celebrated the end of his marriage last night by squeezing into teeny-tiny man-panties and showing off his stripper skills. Look out ladies!

The redheaded former "Partridge Family" member held his official "Divorce Party" at the Key Club in Hollywood, where the walking, waxed sack of muscles paraded around in his mankini bottom, along with a group of lingerie clad models. As one girl tried to walk off stage, Danny grabbed her by the back of her jeans, sat her down on a chair, and gyrated his firecrotch all over her poor, unsuspecting body for a solid 45 seconds. He then carried her offstage, where the two remained out of site for the next 20 minutes. Eww.

If only Britney Spears had celebrated her divorce like this!