Joe Francis -- Keep Me in Jail, Please!

6/6/2007 11:00 AM PDT

Joe Francis -- Keep Me in Jail, Please!

He's free on bail in Nevada, but pimpresario Joe Francis is voluntarily keeping himself behind bars in a Reno jail -- so he won't have to face another round of charges in Florida.

Francis' lawyer, David Houston, tells TMZ that the "Girls Gone Wild" ogler-in-chief is veering between "elated" and "disappointed" as he sits in a cell in the Washoe County Detention Center in Reno, Nev. That's because a judge in Bay County, Fla., where Francis faces charges of sexual performance with a minor (among other things), revoked Joe's bail at a hearing yesterday afternoon -- meaning that if he sets foot outside his current jail, he'll be picked up by Nevada cops -- who would probably then extradite him down south. On Monday, a federal judge in Reno set his bail at $1.5 million in his tax evasion case, meaning that he could've walked, were it not for Florida.

This means that at least until late July, Francis will have to hang out at the jail -- where unlike his pal Paris Hilton in L.A., he's been getting special treatment because he's not a typical inmate. We're told that Francis gets liberal phone privileges and that he "does very well" among the "general population."

Still, Francis probably better get used to his new pals. Even if things go well for him in his Nevada case, he'll still have to deal with Florida afterwards -- and it could be a very long while before he gets back to the comforts of home.