Paris -- No Wieners Behind Bars

6/7/2007 9:21 AM PDT

Paris -- No Wieners Behind Bars

Even in jail, Paris Hilton is staying slim -- she wouldn't touch her state-issued hot dog Tuesday night, but she might be getting some help coping with the slammer from none other than Brad Pitt.

Her Tuesday night dinner included a hot dog along with beans, mixed vegetables, some gelatin, and milk, but according to the New York Post, Paris just couldn't stomach the dog. Meanwhile, she could be passing the time with Brad Pitt, who's appearing on the small screen in "Troy" -- the current in-cell entertainment selection she can see through the door of her cell.

Still, the reality of life inside, by all accounts, is that she's pretty much on her own 23 out of 24 hours a day, except for visits, as TMZ told you yesterday, from her lawyer and shrink.

Did Birkhead Lawyer Have a Thing for Howard K.?

In a bizarre twist in the Anna Nicole Smith legal after-mess, a new report suggests that Debra Opri, Larry Birkhead's former lawyer, was all over Howard K. Stern (it's too early in the morning!) at Anna Nicole's funeral, raising many eyebrows. According to OK! (via MSNBC), Opri "was putting her hands all over Howard K. Stern to console him, which appeared inappropriate, especially when she was trash-talking him before and after." As TMZ reported exclusively, Birkhead is suing Opri for allegedly defrauding him out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Akon – So What If I Threw the Kid?

Rapper-badboy Akon is claiming today -- through his lawyers -- that he didn't do anything wrong when he violently tossed a 15-year-old boy off the stage at a concert in upstate New York. Though no criminal charges have been filed against the rapper, as the Poughkeepsie Journal reports, police have finally identified the teen, but would not release his name. The boy threw a black disc at Akon before the concert started, whereupon the rapper asked the boy to come onstage -- only to pick him up over his head and toss him back into the audience.

Party Favors: Spice Girls Reunion -- For Real? ... Barker's Last Showcase Showdown ... NBC Really, Really Wants Rosie

But can they still shake it? The Spice Girls, reports OK!, are getting it back together, for real this time. They finally convinced lone holdout Melanie "Sporty" Chisholm to get on board with a tour, though she won't write any new songs. ... Bob Barker filmed his last episode of "The Price Is Right" last night, ending 35 years of giving away cars, playing Plinko, and trying to contain his disdain when people bid $45,000 for a patio set and set of scooters in the Showcase Showdown. ... New NBC programming chief Ben Silverman "will do anything" to get Rosie O'Donnell on his network, reports FOX News, and his plans might include an hour-long game show and a daytime hour as well.