Verne Burned! Don't Call Me Mini-Me!

6/21/2007 12:29 PM PDT

Verne Burned! Don't Call Me Mini-Me!

Lesson of the day, courtesy of Verne Troyer -- respect my name!

TMZ spotted the pint-sized star of "Austin Powers" outside Crustacean last night, where very large Celtics player Paul Pierce had the nerve to call Troyer "Mini-Me." Big mistake!

Verne had to cut the 6' 6" Paul down to size, calling him out on his faux-pas, saying, "I could have come up and just said 'Hey, you play for the Celtics, what up?' No, your name is Paul, my name is Verne ... Next time, now you know."

Troyer then gave Pierce a low-five and was on his way.