Britney Needs a Few Good Men

6/22/2007 1:05 PM PDT

Britney Needs a Few Good Men

Miss Spears is at it again!

No she hasn't forgotten her panties, nor carried her baby on her lap while driving, nor almost dropped him, shaved her head, checked into rehab, checked out, checked in, married a backup dancer, divorced a backup dancer, made a crappy reality show, teamed up with grandMadonna, nor posed topless with a flower. What she is doing is attempting to "perform" again, this time at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, and she's looking for some backup boys!

The gumchewing lipsyncher had an email sent to dancers last week, announcing that she'll be performing at the Greek Theatre on June 30 for a one-night deal, and had, er, openings for two male dancers.

Perhaps this time she'll perform for longer than 12 minutes.