Paris: Poor Penmanship but an Ace Artiste!

6/30/2007 3:00 PM PDT

Paris: Poor Penmanship but an Ace Artiste!

Last week, lady blog Jezebel had Paris Hilton's jail-time note examined by expert handwriting analyst Sheila Kurtz. According to Kurtz, Paris' scrawl style reveals a, uh, troubled soul. "Rarely do we see an independent adult write with such diminished capacity of comprehension," said Kurtz. So she's no Soren Kierkegaard." Harsh!

This week, the gals at Jezebel took Paris' artistic merits to task, and had Paris' drawing for TMZ's own Harvey Levin analyzed by acclaimed contemporary art expert James Romberger. His findings? She's a regular Frida Kahlo! Paging Mary Boone!

Says Romberger: [Paris] linework demands a new genre. Poignant and unintentionally surreal, heavily-laden with encoded symbology. He calls her work, "post-modernist-ish insider/outsider Art."

And that's art with a capital "A"!