The Hoff, Fantastic Four and More

7/1/2007 4:40 PM PDT

The Hoff, Fantastic Four and More

David Hasselhoff let his chest hair run wild and free out front of Hyde. And that's not all..

Last night Hollywood was out in full force -- "Fantastic" force -- for Chris Evans' birthday party. The "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" star's party was attended by co-star Michael Chiklis, and pals Adam Brody and J.C. Chasez.

Lionel Richie said the jury was still out on Nicole's pregnancy. When asked whether or not he'd be babysitting, he responded, "maybe, I don't know.'

Andy Milonakis was spotted out front of Les Deux, where he very generously handed a homeless man a dollar bill, and advised no one in particular to "tell all the little Hollywood d-bags in training to keep it real." Takes one to know one.

Patrick Swayze was out in front of the Prince concert followed by his long-haired doppel-Swayze.