Gummi vs. Perez -- It's On!

7/5/2007 4:30 PM PDT

Gummi vs. Perez -- It's On!

Gummi bodyslammed Perez Hilton outside of Les Deux last night -- ow!

Gummi Bear, wearing a festive 4th of July silk blouse that nearly caused the extinction of Chinese silkworms, ripped Perez Hilton a new one in response to Perez's vomit-filled rip on GumGum. Calling the portly celeb blogger a "desperate homosexual," the vehemently anti-racism Gummi doesn't mind a little homo hatin'.

Looking like a float in the Macy's Chinese New Year parade, Gummi waddled back to cameras to say that "Perez wishes he could be like the people he writes about," and "he's a miserable, moronic human being." DO NOT ANGER THE GUMMI BEAR!

Gummi concluded his Perez hatefest by saying that he didn't "give two sh**s" about him. Half an hour later, he was hungry again.