Tom Arnold -- Gay Porn Star?

7/15/2007 4:59 PM PDT

Tom Arnold -- Gay Porn Star?

Tom Arnold and Dax Shepard grossed everyone out -- probably even themselves -- by joking about their upcoming porn project. Ew, that certainly doesn't sound too bootylicious!

Stevie Wonder played paparazzi by taking over a pap's camera and snapping shots of his fans. And Lil' Kim and Ray J. shopped 'til they dropped.

Also out this weekend, Dave Boreanz and his wife; Pussycat Doll Nicole; and a busy Bruce Willis, rolling on dubs. Die hard is right!

Coolio hung out outside of Les Deux, and professed his appreciation of Britney, y'all.

And what would the weekend be without a big dose of Bai Ling?