Paris Buys Even More Crap She Doesn't Need

7/17/2007 10:56 AM PDT

Paris Buys Even More Crap She Doesn't Need

When it comes to blowing things -- like cash -- Paris Hilton is still queen.

TMZ cameras spotted Paris embarking on a mega-shopping spree on Monday, which started with the purchase of a boogie board and surf board at the Surf Shack in Malibu -- both pink, of course. Shockingly, she wasn't seen buying a functional bathing suit.

But that was only the beginning -- Paris then hit up a nearby pet store, buying some toys and beds for some of the many animals in her menagerie. After that, she wandered into a bookstore for some photography-based reading material, before finally ending up at a coffee shop where she bought both a hot and an iced coffee. That's too hot?

After the shopathon, a fan approached Ms. Hilton and gave her a free gift -- though clearly, she could have afforded it.